Freelance producer & photographer

My love for storytelling and film has inspired me to pursue a career in a field I'm truly passionate about. Over the last 5 years, I have been involved in film and TV projects as part of the crew and decided to further develop my skills at the University of Westminster. My independent producing experience ranges from Independent short film projects to music videos, and I specialise in the production department. 

Within 8 years of photography experience, I have worked around large-scale international events and award ceremonies, as well as provided fashion and product content for many London based brands. 

I specialise in portraiture, fashion and event photography. My artistic desire is to create photos that are full of life and colour and express the beauty of memorable moments. 

Contact Me

London, United Kingdom  |  Tel: +44(0)7715566586 

I am also an Aspiring Writer

I write reviews for a locally famous Latvian cinema bloggers' site. Find my most recent reviews below 

And I am in development of my script "Be Fruitful and Multiply"

The film will be completed in June 2020, meanwhile here is a short synopsis:

Alice is about to turn 30 and still childless, or, as she prefers to put it- childfree. A conversation with her friend Sam brings up the topic she prefers to avoid and her anxiety of societal pressures of bearing a first child soon. Meanwhile, her mother with the help of her boyfriend Miles plot unusual celebrations.  What started as a surprise party turns into the ultimate feminist horror behind which is Alice’s all-female family’s cult-esque rituals. 




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